In The News

08 / 04

Polished diamond prices remain stable in long term

During the past 48 months of our reporting, polished diamond prices have been very stable and decreased less than two percent.

08 / 04

WGC reports on gold demand Trends for second quarter

Gold demand was 1,123 tons in second quarter of the year, due to record-breaking central bank purchases.

08 / 04

FCRF: pink diamonds outperformed blues and yellows in second quarter of year

Pink diamonds showed an upturn of 0.4 percent in for the second quarter of the year, compared to a 0.5 percent decrease for the second quarter of 2018.

08 / 04

JA elects Hilly Wesche as Board Chair, names new board

The new Chair is a Past President of the Florida Jewelers Association, speaker for Jewelers Education Foundation, past Vice Chair of the Leading Jewelers of the World.